This section is devoted to providing links to a number of models that are available for download and use in your own projects. Some of the models have been loaded into the 3D content marketplace websites such as Renderosity and ShareCG. Links to locations on these websites are provided but you will need an account with them to access them – links to content on the the file repository do not need an account.


The projects are;

Flyer Tug

A small utility flyer developed to use in the Blender Game Engine game Smooth Flying which can be found below.

Flyer Tug in Corridor


Space Station Constructor Set

Inspired by the game Space Station Manager, this is a series of modules you can quickly cobble together to create a complex space station.

Space Station over Desert World


Component Model Library

During the process of designing stuff I have built up a library of digital models of purchased components. This webpage provides links to the various models that I have created so that you can download and use them in your own creations. The models are in Blender and OBJ formats.

Wing Camera


Texture and Background Image Gallery

This is a collection of Textures and Background Images available for download for use in your own projects. Follow this link or click on the image below to go to the Texture Galleries Page.

Rocks and Stones Texture Gallery Header


3D Printed Models

The following projects are 3D printable models for various projects that are not already featured in the Tech Projects page.

A 3D Printed Flying Saucer

In a sudden fit of creativity, I decided I needed a flying saucer. A little one. This page describes the model and provides links to the model files for anyone wishing to 3d print their own version of this.

3D printed flying saucer banner

A 3D Printed Mine Trolley Prop for Stop Motion

Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Hoodwinked, and maybe some Spy vs Spy and you have an idea of what I have in mind for this model.

3D printed Mine Trolley banner

A 3D Printed Mine Truck to go with the Mine Trolley Prop

Maybe this is getting a little obsessive, but here is a cute little wagon to go with the Mine Trolley Prop described in the article above.

Mine Truck Loaded with Stuff

An improved 3D Printed Mine Truck

OK, so I admit it. I am getting obsessed with this project. Here is an improved version of the mine truck described in the article above. This looks the same, smells the same, tastes the same, but is different. It has been designed to make assembly easier and somewhat less tedious.

Mine Truck in the sunshine

3D Printed Railway Bogie Sets

I figure if I’m going to go overboard with these projects I may as well do it properly. This project is two different Railway Bogie sets destined to be part of some kit-bash projects. one set is designed for 1:24 size models while the other is a narrow gauge designed to be compatible with the Mine Trolley and Mine Truck models described above.

Detail of one of the Railway Bogies

3D Printed Railbike

Yep. It is a monstrosity that would probably never work in reality, but hey this is a fantasy piece. This article describes this Articulated Railbike project and provides the 3D printed model files for the chassis. The motorbike body is a Maisto model with the wheels removed and a bit of paint splashed on it.

Railbike banner

A parametric chain link drive pulley for 3D printing

This project is a pair of OpenSCAD parametric models that will output 3D printable chain drive pulleys which use classic oval link style chain rather than proper drive chain. The intension is to use this to add chain drives to some of my stop motion designs to make them “Go-Motion”.

Two 3D printed chain drive pulleys

A Go-Motion Mine Trolley

Not wanting to let go of the theme, I decided that before I started any serious animation I must build myself a Go-Motion Mine Trolley. At about this point I decided I was also kidding myself if I thought I was ever going to do any animation. I was having much to much fun building the props. Anyone want any props built? Anyway, here it is complete with Arduino motion control and cute little chain drives. To be honest though, it doesn’t run as smoothly as I would have liked. Maybe you’ll have better luck with yours.

Go-Motion Mine Trolley Banner

3D Printed Vintage RailCar

You may have spotted a theme here with these 3D printing projects. This one is a Vintage Car / Locomotive hybrid. This was a very quick project and a lot of fun. It is also compatible with the Mine Trolleys, Trucks, and Railbike designs linked above.

3D Printed Vintage RailCar Banner

3D Printed Chassis for 1:24 Scale Railcar Hybrid Models

This project is another development in a very long interest in models (and real vehicles) that are a hybrid between cars and locomotives. This 3D printed model is a chassis that can be fitted to 1:24 scale car models.

3D Printed Chassis for 1:24 Scale Railcar Hybrid Models Banner

Parametric Footplate Models

Use OpenSCAD to generate 3D printable footplates with a variety of hole patterns including hexagonally packed holes, square grids, and diamond patterns. The page guides the user through the various parameters and provides links to download teh scripts or use them on the Thingiverse customiser.

Parametric Footplate banner

28mm Scale Tabletop Gaming Mine Trolley

I wanted to experiment with the potential to make money from designing and selling 3D printed game piece designs. As a test I designed a 28mm scale version of the mine trolleys above for tabletop games. It was also designed to be compatible with HO gauge rails and wheel sets. After a couple of years, the designs had earned a whole $5 (less fees) and so the experiment was concluded. So the effort is not entirely wasted, I’ve released the models for free, and are available through this page.

Sadly, this further reinforced the message that the only way to avoid starving was to get a real job. Ho hum.

Go-Motion Mine Trolley Banner



Creative Commons License Image

All of the projects described in this section are issued under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License unless otherwise stated. Please follow the link to gain a detailed description of what this means. In a nut-shell it can be summarised as;

You are free to:

  • Share - copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
  • Adapt - remix, transform, and build upon the material.

but you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made should you decide to share the designs. The other requirements are;

  • NonCommercial - You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
  • ShareAlike - If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.
  • No additional restrictions - You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

The brief description above was more or less taken from the website.