Space Station over Desert World
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This is a model library rather than a built up space station. The library of modules are able to be assembled quickly into an almost contemporary style space station. The inspirations were the two fantastic space station simulators “Spacestation Manager” and “Shorthike” that were available several years back, and may still be available in some corner of the web. They allowed you to build space stations that were constrained by amount of energy required, life support, adequate accomodation, sufficient cooling etc. This ended up with spacestations that looked like they could exist or at least what the International Space Station might end up like with some watering and regular feeding.

Space Station wide view
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This model library contains all textures, models in OBJ format, and in Carrara 3 format.

I plan to update this with a much more detailed model at some stage.

Here is the link;

SpaceStation Modules available here

Space Station in amongst it
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