Hi. I’m Hamish

By training and by inclination I am an engineer. It probably shows. I am fascinated by things that move and do stuff. For this reason I play around with making all kinds of mechanical constructions for amusement. I am also creative and this together with my technical background makes for an interesting combination that yields things like teapots mounted on rails, large scale models of the solar system, and many other things. Of course, as a true creative I am great at starting things, but slightly less good at finishing them.

To prove it here is my TMI Personality Profile that one of my employers had me do. TMI Profile
A more detailed chart can be found here.
To help you, let me explain the abbreviations and provide my levels in each:

  • Cre Inn - Creator Innovator - Great at coming up with creative new ideas. 26% (My Primary Role)
  • Exp Pro - Explorer Promoter - Searching around for new stuff and promoting the ideas. In other words, once I have a fabulous idea I’ve gotta tell someone about it. 13% (My 2nd Related Role)
  • Ass Dev - Assessor Developer - Taking an idea the next step and seeing if it is worth following up. I don’t bother with this so much because I’ll get other people to do that. See below. 11%
  • Thr Org - Thruster Organiser - Its all about telling other people how to do the project. Yep, I get the ideas then I tell other people to do it for me. It’s great…and the way it should be. 24% (My 1st Related Role)
  • Con Pro - Concluder Producer - Finishing the job. Nah. Finishing things is for other people. 5%
  • Con Ins - Controller Inspector - Making sure the job is finished all nicely and to high quality. Polish on things? Nah. If it works but still has masking tape on it that’s fine by me. 6%
  • Uph Mai - Upholder Maintainer - I don’t know what these guys do but its probably very boring. 7%
  • Rep Adv - Reporter Advisor - Seeing how the project went and letting people know about it. Well - I am writing this website, but then I think this Reporter Advisor thing is probably all about the really dull stuff once the project is well and truly completed. 7%

As you see all those tail-end tasks are not me at all. But making up ideas and then telling other people how to do them is totally me.

If you wish to know all about my work history then here is the link to my Linkedin Profile.

A word of warning: I am not a purist. My designs include all sorts of materials and bits.

Oh you want to get in touch with me? Well try emailing me using the following email address.

Primary address


About this website.

As you see this website is not Wordpress or Drupal. It is built using Jekyll which is an open source Ruby based utility that takes content written in Markdown language and renders it into nicely themed static webpages. It produces very lightweight websites that have no-where near the processing requirements of content management systems such as Wordpress or Drupal. Because they are static pages they are very fast to load and easy to handle for any web-browser and minimalist servers. The theme is Minima, the most basic theme that comes automatically with Jekyll. Some minor tweaks have been implemented to make it produce very different page structures from a typical blog engine.

The website is self-hosted on an OrangePi hanging on my wall. We have a large solar array on the house and so it is all 100% renewable electricity driving it (except at night of course, but then the excess we generate during the day goes onto the New Zealand grid which is mainly renewable electricity. We can just retrieve it during the night … right?).