This is a game where you get to fly a small antigrav utility vehicle around a large landscape picking up boxes and returning them to your base. The problem is that the vehicle is a bit fuel guzzler and will use up what little fuel it has quite quickly. The original inspiration is the old Spectrum game called “Cyclone”.

FlyerTug on the Base Deck

All textures, sounds etc are included in the zip file, together with details of how to fly the vehicle, guidance on the game logic used. The whole package is about 22Mb. You will need a copy of Blender to play it. I would advise one of the older versions becasue it was designed to run on Blender-2.49b and updated to run on Blender-2.5. I have not tested it on the latest version.

FlyerTug Approaching Refueling Station

To play, unzip the file into its own directory making sure you preserve the file structure. Open the file in Blender, and hit ‘p’ to start. In order to take off you will need to press “g’ to activate the grav-engine (if you have not already read the instruction manual).

All textures in the game work reliably if the computer video card can work with GLSL (most modern computers can.)

Enjoy. It was a fun and interesting project to get it this far.

Download links

Smoothflying on Blender 2.49b


Smoothflying for use on Blender 2.57

It is also available on ShareCG but you will need a sign in for that.

The Flyer vehicle model is available from this page.


The Smoothflying Game presented here by Hamish Trolove is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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