Flyer Tug in Corridor

This flyer was developed as the vehicle the player woudl be subjected to use in a game I developed using the Blender Game Engine. This is the flying vehicle that you pilot around a large landscape to pick up and drop off supplies. You will find this game available through the links on the Smoothflying webpage.

Flyer Tug with Canopy Open

The model shown here is rendered in Carrara 6 where it was originally made. The only difference between this model and the one used in the game is that the cockpit is decked out with seats and instrument panels. In the Blender version and the Carrara versions restraints have been added to the canopies to allow them to open. The model was built around a Grumman Intruder model that I had in a collection of 500 Objects Book and CD set from Taschen. Obviously it has been heavily modified and retextured. All other parts are original (or at least were made for some of my other original models.). The textures are generally hand drawn and give an almost toony look.

Flyer Tug Interior Detail

There are a variety of formats available for download;

Blender model
Carrara 3 model
Carrara 6 model
OBJ model

It is also available for free on ShareCG and Renderosity, but you will need to sign in for them.

Flyer Tug Beauty Shot

Flyer Tug Beauty Shot 2



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