Mine Truck 3

I had a mind to make a few more Mine trucks using my earlier design. I did this, but soon grew bored with sticking together the buffer bits and also the extra time required to glue the side assemblies together. So I redesigned it to be easier to assemble and generally quicker to build. While this design looks the same, it is somewhat different.

The front buffers are now a single print. The side panels are now a single print too. This means that there is a little bit more fall off around some of the overhung parts on the buffers, but this in minimal.

Like the previous version, this is just the chassis. Decks and whatever else is going to be mounted on it are simply scratch built. There are some other very cool model railway bits and pieces on Thingiverse that may lend themselves quite nicely to being adapted to go on this chassis.

Mine Truck 3 - Chassis Only

The overall dimensions are 65mm wide x 120mm long x 32mm tall. The track gauge is about 38mm. The wheels have reasonably wide flanges and so can ride on rails up to about 40mm between rail centrelines.

Mine Truck 3 - view along rails

Things you will need in addition to the printed bits;

Have Fun


The project guide is available as a .pdf which can be downloaded from here:

Download the pdf button

And the digital models can be downloaded using the links below:



Assembly for this model is somewhat simpler than for the previous edition (and somewhat less tedious). Here are a couple of notes about assembly.

The Model

The Assembled Mine Truck v3 Chassis
The Assembled Chassis. Click on the image for a hi-res version

Mine Truck v3 Assembly Notes
Assembly Notes. Click on the image for a hi-res version

Assembly note for the Wheels

Slide wheels onto axles.

When you cut the axles and mount the wheels, make sure the wheels are pushed on about 4.5mm from the ends of axles.


Some alternative places you can find the Models

You can download the models from various other sources too (not that that’s any different than downloading it from here):


www.youmagine.com - Mine Truck v3


www.thingiverse.com - thing:2538327

Last word

If you are looking for tracks to display your mine truck on, then have a look at these parametric track models. You will just need to set the track gauge to 36mm and sleeper length to 58mm to be compatible with this model.


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