With a few rough python tools now to hand and visions for new worlds I have been building customised scenes for the RC Desk Pilot simulator. This page is where you can download these new scenes and get an idea of what they will look like.

The steps required to build your own scene are discussed here.

Here are a couple of custom-made scenes for RC Desk Pilot.

Download the Custom Scene here: Dry hills and rock outcrops

New Scenery set for R/C Desk Pilot - view 1

and also the slightly more whimsical Desert Scene.

Download the Desert Scene here: Desert and Flying Rock

New Desert Scene for R/C Desk Pilot


Just unzip this into your R/C Desk Pilot /data/ directory to install it after you have created a backup of your original /scenery/default/ directory. The .x format models and their textures should end up in the /data/ directory. Please note that you can only install and run one scene at any one time. As far as I have been able to tell there is no way of selecting different scenes within the program itself.

The new scenes include a new pylon race as well that is best attempted using the FPV view. The Desert scene includes a customised pylon racing gate as shown below. Please note that flying through the red arrow on the active gate will not register you as having passed through the gate, you will need to fly under the arrow.

New Pylon Racing Gate


The following images are from the Desert Scene.

New Desert Scene for R/C Desk Pilot - Overview

A general overview of the scene.

New Desert Scene for R/C Desk Pilot - A Crumbled Bridge

The “bridge” feature.

New Desert Scene for R/C Desk Pilot - Flying Islands

The flying rocks. Originally I was planning to have trees on the flat parts but I was unable to get the transparent part of the textures to work properly.

New Desert Scene for R/C Desk Pilot - Pylon Racing

Pylon racing with the new customised Pylons.

New Desert Scene for R/C Desk Pilot - Pylon Racing and Flying Islands

Yep. Because 1 blender unit is the equivalent to 1 metre in the RC Desk Pilot world, I was able to calculate the offsets needed to put some of the pylon racing pylons on the flying rocks…. I never said I was trying to be realistic.

Enjoy these, and thanks again to Davy for creating such a cool RC Simulator.

Some Textures to Download

If you are looking for some textures to use in your own scenes, you can find a bunch of them in the Texture Galleries page.