In the ROV development project it is necessary to produce accurate 2D drawings of the panels that will be cut by scroll-saw or laser cutter. In order to do that TurboCAD is the best tool I have to hand to produce line work accurately. Unfortunately TurboCAD Deluxe 11 is a little bit limited in the useful import (and export) formats that it has available. The only ones of use are; 3DS, DWG, and DXF.

While Blender does an OK job on the 3DS it is not that good and certainly not good enough for TurboCAD. Blender 2.49 had an exporter for DXFs and DWGs but it seldom worked well - the later versions don’t have working versions either. So an intermediate format was required so that another tool could be used to produce higher quality versions of the DXFs or DWGs that TurboCAD would accept.

Here is the successful series of steps used to create a pdf at 1:1 scale using the Blender model of the ROV as the basis. The outline below assumes a good working knowledge of Blender.

In Blender

In Meshlab

In TurboCAD