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Myths and Legends Card subset

The Golden Emperor surveyed his garden. The ground was there, the rocks had been placed, the white gravel had been carefully raked into interesting and peaceful patterns. But there was something missing. He thought for a bit. “Trees. That was it. It could do with some trees tastefully added to the little rock islands.”
He clapped his hands and summoned Ethany goddess of wine.
“Ethany. I have a task for you.”
“Oh great!” laughed Ethany. “I need ss-something to focus on. What will it be Oh mighty one?”
“Ethany. I wish for trees to be added to my garden. Take some leaves from the mighty tree of heaven and plant them around the islands so that I may enjoy the rich sights of trees in my garden adding life to the patterns”
“Right ‘cha are boss! Trees it is…. The mighty tree of heaven.” Ethany did a wobbly salute and fell over.
Later that day, Ethany lay under in the shade of the mighty tree of heaven looking up through the roots as they spread out across the sky. She took a swig of the amphora of wine beside her. “It’s hot work this is. Ah well, I’d better get some leaves.”
With that she started digging around the mighty tree of heaven and soon had an armload of nice green leaves. She took them back to the Emperor’s garden and with amphora in hand began planting the leaves. It was a hard job trying to stick the leaves in the ground, the green bit kept bending. Frustrated she jammed the stalks into the ground instead. “Ah much easier.” she giggled.
Soon the garden’s little islands were covered in leaves with their green bits sticking up into the air. Ethany stepped back and admired her work. “That looks quite neat that way around.”
“OK a bit of growth juice” She liberally sprinkled her amphora of wine over the leaves and stood back.
There was a rustling and creaking as the trees grew all over the little islands. Reaching upwards with their green leaves and squirming their roots down into the rich soil.
Ethany laughed.
The Emperor was not pleased. “Ethany! What have you done? They look ridiculous with their green leaves sticking up in the air and the roots downwards.”

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Locations: The storm lashed sea
Objects: A fish bone
Events: A competition is won
Objects: A legendary tree
Characters: The emperor
Challenges: They were dead
Challenges: The trees were upside-down
Characters: The goddess of wine
Endings: Never again would it be like it was
Endings: When she put it on, everyone bowed their heads and submitted to her.

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This story snippet is the Copyright of the Author, Hamish Trolove.