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Fantasy Card subset

“Well well. Look what we have here.” the Captain of the Guard grinned down at the prone figure on the ground. He patted the bare buttock of the statue beside him. “It must be my lucky day.”
The hooded figure of the ground groaned. “Surely, Captain, you don’t believe that old story about patting him on the rump giving you luck? If it does, it doesn’t last long. I did that immediately before trying to climb the garden wall” “Oh yes.” the Captain of the Guard looked at the loose bricks scattered around the weedy path. “Had a little tumble did we?”
The hooded figure just muttered and started to rise.
“Not so fast Jessneh.” The Captain of the Guard clapped a heavy hand on the hooded figures shoulder forcing them back down. “Where's the good merchant Yammelkind's jewel? I know the Guild of Thieves have had their beady eyes on it for a while.”
“You have the wrong person captain.” Jessneh spat. “I don’t have it. Nor did I know it was missing.”
“Oh really? And what suddenly possessed you to attempt to climb a crumbling wall in the dark? A wall that might have given good access to the city roofs, I might add.”


Objects: A dazzling jewel
Objects: Bottle of massage oil
Challenges: The structure is crumbling
Locations: In the garden with a statue everyone wanted to touch
Characters: A thief
Events: A bell begins to toll
Challenges: The sword is rusty
Characters: The captain of the guard
Endings: Still out there to this day
Endings: That just goes to show that being nasty and selfish has its rewards.

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This story snippet is the Copyright of the Author, Hamish Trolove.