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Little Ceri looked at her empty bowl and burst into tears.
“I know. I know” said her mother patting her hand. “Someone or something has had a go at my breakfast too.
“We’re poor. We’ve nothing to steal, why do this to us?” grumbled Ceri’s father. “It was only gruel.”
“It was probably that damn sorceress' pet.” sighed Ceri’s mother.
“The slug?” Ceri’s father scratched behind one of his pointed ears and raised a shaggy eyebrow.
“The slug. The blue one. She promised she would control it better after last time it came over here and ransacked our grain bin.”
“We should be able to find its trail.” suggested Ceri’s father rifling through a box of cast off plastic baubles and trinkets. He pulled out a slightly scratched magnifying glass. “Ah here it is.”
Ceri couldn’t maintain her sadness when her father turned around and pulled a distorted face at her through the magnifying glass. “Shall we find that dastardly slug’s tracks?”
Ceri and her father looked around the room and soon discovered a trail of slime crossing the floor from the table to the wall, then up the wall and through a gap in the floor joists that supported their ceiling.

Outside their home the trail continued, stopping here and there to investigate some morsel or other as it made for the sorceress’ home, finally ending near the house’s front door step.


Objects: A bowl of gruel
Characters: The sorcerer with the strange pet
Challenges: Something special was missing
Events: Someone begins to cry
Challenges: They renege on a promise
Objects: A looking glass
Objects: A dragon’s tooth
Locations: Under the floor
Endings: The fool became the wisest of the ruler’s advisors
Endings: There would be no rest for them ever again

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This story snippet is the Copyright of the Author, Hamish Trolove.