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Blearily the Prince opened his eyes. Bright sunlight stabbed at him. He squeezed his eyes closed feeling the caked sleep fall away. Raising his hand to shade his eyes he was surprised to encounter hair. Long hair. He pulled at it and quickly discovered it was his hair.
“What the?” he jerked awake and looked around.
He took in the semi collapsed wooden walls surrounding him, the grimy and broken windows, the floor covered in weeds, and the sofa on which he lay.
“Oh.” he focused on the sofa. It was badly faded and the leather was cracked and hard. “What happened to the sofa?”
He explored the hair on his face. “What happened to me?”
I have dispelled the curse.” A voice nearby. A dry and whispery voice as of wind through autumn leaves. “Please take it easy. You have been asleep for a long time.”
“What? Who?” Desperately the Prince looked around for the source of the voice but saw no one.
Slowly he scanned the surrounding debris. Was that a face amongst the tangle of wisteria that had claimed one of the walls?

“Do you not recognise this place?” The voice was amused.
“I….I think I do.” said the Prince. He ran a hand over the scuffed sofa, raising a small cloud dust. “This sofa was red when I lay down on it last night …. and the cottage was intact …. I think. I was pretty drunk last night. How long have I been asleep?”
About a century.”
“A century? But….”


Objects: An ancient and very scuffed sofa
Characters: A dryad
Events: Someone is healed
Challenges: They had been asleep for 100 years
Events: A change in the weather
Challenges: … disaster will occur if one of your characters gets hungry.
Challenges: Wasted
Characters: The Prince
Endings: So she told him she was a princess which turned out to be the case in an entitled but not titled sense.
Endings: … turned and fled, the enraged prince hot on their tail.

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This story snippet is the Copyright of the Author, Hamish Trolove.