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“I don’t know what he’s so angry about.” Gilbert shook his head flapping his ears around him. “It wasn’t as if the farmer wore them.”
He paused in his ruminations. “Actually there was one time….”
Gilbert recalled the taste. He had expected something that flowery looking to taste floral. Not that the synthetic taste was bad of course. They had been delicious. But here he was with a price on his head. He thought despondently, “Was “Free” the same as a price?”

He peeked through a gap in the barn door. The dog was still sitting out there in the middle of the yard guarding the entrance to the back yard.

Gilbert wished the dog would go away so he could at least make a small foray out. He was beginning to get a bit peckish. The flowery looking dress he had eaten hadn’t really provided much nourishment. He looked around the shed. Sure there was straw here but why eat that stuff when there were better things available? He had tried a nibble of the quad-bike seat but found it a bit too chewy for his liking. The tractor was inedible as were the old tins of paint. He sighed.

Just then something caught his eye. It was vaguely person shaped, and lying on the upper level, a floppy hat over its head. It appeared to be wearing an old woolen jersey over a stained white shirt with a collar. Gilbert's mouth watered. He loved collars especially.

With great difficulty he clambered up the steep ladder to the upper level.
Delicately he extended his tongue to savour the taste of the woolen jersey. The floor moved a little under his feet. He froze. A sickening creak ripped the silence and the upper level dropped slightly, before tilting and collapsing releasing a cascade of fencing tools, bales of straw, empty containers, and noise. Gilbert took a flying leap to keep out of the tumbling mess, and landed awkwardly on the quadbike. The floppy hat floated down and landed on his head covering his eyes. He tossed his head but it was tangled in his horns. He snorted and gave a especially big toss of his head. He scrabbled as his feet slipped on the seat and found himself planted belly first on the fuel tank. His flailing legs kicked the starter….


Objects: A scarecrow
Characters: A goat who is quite hungry
Challenges: Something is on guard
Events: Someone goes flying
Challenges: There is a price on their head
Locations: The drafty barn
Objects: Some delicious looking clothing
Locations: A dolls’ house
Endings: They would have their revenge
Endings: Despite their adventure they still didn’t like water.

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This story snippet is the Copyright of the Author. Hamish Trolove.