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Sand cascading beneath sandaled feet, they plunged down the side of the last sandhill before reaching the sea.
“Did you know this bay used to be used by smugglers?” said Karen.
“What a smashing place for a picnic.” said Gerald taking a deep breath of the cool sea air.
“Oh look! Here comes Aunt Ingrid and Spot.” Elizabeth observed pointing to a figure ambling along the curve of the bay with a small black dot orbiting madly around them.
“It looks like Spot’s going completely crazy with excitement.” said Karen. “I reckon he’ll dig up loads of buried treasure while we’re here.”

Soon Aunt Ingrid sat down with them. “May I?”
“Hello Aunty.” said Gerald. “Help yourself. We brought enough food to sink the Queen Mary.”
“Yes I thought my cupboards were a bit bare.” Aunt Ingrid bit into a large ham and tomato sandwich.
“Oh look! Spot's found something.” said Karen.
Spot was rapidly disappearing in a spray of sand, seaweed and shells, yapping and barking as loudly and excitedly as his tiny body could manage.
“Let’s take a look.” suggested Elizabeth. “It’s probably just another hidden radio set left by spies like last time.”
“No it isn’t!” gasped Karen. “Look!”
There, projecting from a concrete slab set into the sand was a heavy iron lever. Beside it was a metal manhole cover with the words “Top Secret” painted on in official looking lettering.


Objects: The secret lever
Challenges: They were famished
Characters: The salesman
Challenges: A dead body
Events: Discovered by a little yappy dog
Characters: The aunt
Events: Someone shouts a warning
Locations: Smuggler's cove
Endings: They won even though they were girls
Endings: Celebrated with an icecream

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This story snippet is the copyright of the Author, Hamish Trolove.