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Brewed Lemonade

Here are two recipes for the brewed lemonade;


The recipe for my home brewed lemonade is very simple. It is basically the same as ginger beer but doesn’t have any ginger and has more lemons. I developed it to reduce our plastic bottle waste stream seeing as we were buying tonic to go with our gin. It was also developed to mix with my home-made mandarin and banana wine which, although tasting nice, turned out to be extremely dangerously powerful and really needed watering down. Adding gin to it may have made it slightly less potent, but I thought a lemonade spritzer might be a safer way to go. It turned out very well and made a refreshing mix. We have also found it mixes rather nicely with the Date Braggot.

We discovered an added advantage of this lemonade was that it re-pressurises a bit rather than going flat once opened.

In developing this recipe I did several versions as I adjusted it to suit being mixed, rather than being a stand-alone lemonade. The first edition was really nice, but had more flavour and sweetness than necessary for a mixer – to my taste anyway.


Mixing Edition

works well on its own too

Makes 7.5 litres

5x 1.5L soft drink bottles
1 teaspoon of dried yeast
1¾ cups of sugar
4L of water
2 smallish lemons

We have also made the same recipe using Grapefruit in place of the lemons. This too works very well.

Bubbliness – your new word for the day.


First Edition

Makes 6 litres

4x 1.5L soft drink bottles
1 teaspoon of dried yeast
2½ cups of sugar
5L of water
3 lemons

Note: Although this is tagged “Alcohol”, it isn’t alcoholic. Well no more so than ginger beer anyway.