DataPond Data Driven Music Builder

Le Tue 27 February 2018

DataPond is a python script that takes an image and processes it into a Lilypond text file from which a printed musical score can be produced as well as a MIDI file. It could be adapted to work with any data source.

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Par Hamish Trolove, Catégorie : Random

Tags : art / instruments / music / python / science / tools /

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The Baddest Mountain Dulcimer Ever

Le Sun 15 November 2015

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the Folk Music Festivals, the baddest Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer was unleashed on the world. I present to you the Most Bad-Arse Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer the world has ever seen.

Par Hamish Trolove, Catégorie : Art Projects

Tags : Art / Sculpture / Music / Instruments /

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