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Le Fri 01 April 2016

Many of my project have required me to produce texture resources. Those that are specific to a project are packaged with the project, but there are a number of generic textures that I call on time and time again. I have packaged these up into a series of texture-based galleries so they may be accessed by you for your own projects.

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Par Hamish Trolove, Catégorie : Models and Games

Tags : Art / Games / Celestia / Graphics / Planet / Textures /

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Creating Seamless Spherical Textures

Le Thu 21 June 2012

This tutorial goes into the details of how to make a seamless spherical texture for use on rocky planets based on a collection of texture photos. This has been used successfully in Carrara renders and Celestia.

Par Hamish Trolove, Catégorie : Tutorials

Tags : Celestia / Carrara / Textures / Planet / Graphics / Art /

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