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This website is a showcase of the various projects and activities I get up to. You will find technology projects in various stages of completion, galleries of artworks, tutorials, and digital content to play with. To find the latest additions to the site, see the "What's New" page.

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3D Model Contact Sheets using FreeCAD and ImageMagick

Le Fri 28 June 2019

I’m sure I’m not the only person with access to a 3D printer who collects vast quantities of 3D printable models and then forgets which ones what and even that you had a particular model in your library. The best way I find to keep track of them is to have an image of each for quick reference. What I figured I needed was something to create a contact sheet with thumbnails of all the models in a chosen directory and the filenames of each. A combination on FreeCAD and ImageMagick with a python based FreeCAD macro to do the repetitive work was the solution. This article describes the use of this macro and provides links to it.

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Par Hamish Trolove, Catégorie : Tutorials

Tags : Python / FreeCAD / Models / ImageMagick / Graphics / Tools /


Tech Projects

I have a notebook full of ideas and a desire to share them, this section of the website is devoted to getting these ideas out there. Some of the projects are in development and so will be updated over time as they mature. Where possible all project files have been included or at least links provided to locations where they are currently residing.

ROV Concept Image

Art Projects

With an eclectic range of art forms providing me entertained enough to stay off the streets there are plenty of things to show. There are a number of galleries linked off this page. You will find drawings, rendered images, and sculpture.

Rail Mounted Teapot

Models and Games

Here you will find links to models, computer games, and board games of all sorts that are freely able to be downloaded.

Space Station over Desert World


This section is devoted to providing tutorials on various technology, software, or art based projects.

Arduino Pile

Random Stuff

And then I needed somewhere to chuck all the really random stuff that I wanted to share. So here it is the Random Stuff pages. You will find recipes for wine, software tools, travel information, and essays. Did I mention it was all a bit random?

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